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Sara Gallo teaches Land to Water Yoga and Movement in Depth to Highschoolers

Dear Sondra,

Good evening. Jennifer and I just returned from 2 full days at the Utah High School Shakespeare Competition at SUU where we adjudicated dance pieces based on Shakespeare works, taught classes, and recruited through a Scholarship Audition. I led an outdoor class in LTWY and another in Movement in Depth. I thought you might enjoy seeing a few videos and photos.

In one class, after we went through a LTWY series, I had them draw about their experience and then work collaboratively to compose short studies based on their experience.

The other photo is a selfie taken by a student at the end of our Movement in Depth Class with us in front of our Reflective/Responsive artwork inspired by our experiences as Movers and Witnesses.

I was grateful for the openness, eagerness, and thoughtfulness of these young high school students.

Photo of Sara's class. (Now this is really sweet.)

Thank you for this Sara, and for your work on the Eastwest Somatics Team of Directors. FYI. Sara Gallo is chair of the Dance Department at Utah Technical University here in Saint George. Last year she was selected by her colleagues as Teacher of the Year for Higher Education in Utah. Congratulations, Sara!!

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